Just last week a client of mine asked me if she should consider owning a Kelly Bag. Here’s why I was excited to give her my opinion. 

Like many Hermes clients their handbag collections weigh in heavy on the Birkin. Most women do know what handbags they like, and they sure do LOVE their Birkin’s! It’s not much of a surprise since the Birkin is one of the most beautifully designed handbags of our lifetime and the cache of owning one makes them even more appealing. I always felt like it was my role (as a fairy) to make sure that my clients were well-informed of all of their options and that I had their best interest in mind. So should she own a Kelly bag and why? Its great to know what works for you, but it’s even better to expand your viewpoint and try other objects that compliment your lifestyle too. No matter who you are or how you live, it’s a fashion fact that a Birkin is not appropriate for every moment of our lives. I can’t imagine wearing the same shoe with every outfit I own! A women’s Hermes handbag collection should be well-balanced. Not only by color and skin, but in function and design. Taking a closer look at the Kelly bag, I’ve come up with some of my favorite reasons to consider one.

1. They are a good financial investment (like a Birkin) and worth it!

2. The trends in handbags come and go, right now shoulder straps and smaller bags are popular. The Kelly is really making a come back and seems to be a hot topic lately among buyers.

3. You’ll feel safe carrying it. It can be worn close to your body and you have the security of being able to grab on tightly to the strap.

4. It’s good to balance your collection and not be too heavy on just collecting Birkin’s. Think of a stock portfolio – Diversify!

5. The shoulder strap is functional and you’ll feel chic and elegant.

6. The look of a thin strap on the shoulder is so sexy.

7. Hands free is so great! No need to be bogged down by the heaviness of a Birkin and “Birkin Elbow”.

8. It’s really nice to travel with.

9. You’ll love wearing a Kelly Bag. It feels so feminine!

10. Transitioning from day into night is easy since the strap is removable. Dress it up or dress it down.

11. There’s a time and a place for it. I love taking my bag out to dinner and slinging the strap over the back of the chair.

12. Don’t follow to trends… Think long-term. This bag is almost 100 years old!

13. It’s ladylike. Open and close the bag with elegance and grace.

14. You can add charms and twillys easily.

15. You can find some really great second-hand or vintage pieces at good prices.

I hope that these ideas have given you inspiration on how a Kelly bag might work well for you. I’d love to hear from you as to why you enjoy carrying your own Kelly bag. Please feel free to share your comments below!

– The Birkin Fairy

These beautiful photo's were taken from my Pinterest Board "The Hermes Kelly Bag".

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  1. Excellent points! I have one of each (35cm B and 40cm K) and I always go for the Kelly. Seriously considering trading the B in for another K.

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