Hermes is one of the most well known brands in the world. It is desired and sought after on an international level, creating a universal symbol of class, elegance, and style. The timeless label is not only highly coveted, but has also made appearances in iconic films such as Sex and the City, Le Divorce, and Blue Jasmine.

            Perhaps the most memorable ‘Birkin quotes’ in Sex and the City is when a stores clerk gives Samantha Jones the unfortunate reality that she cannot purchase her infamous red Birkin straight off the shelf. Confused, Samantha seeks answers – the clerk responds,

“this isn’t just a bag, this is a Birkin”.

This iconic line emphasizes just how authentic and desired these luxury products are.

            Le Divorce, staring Kate Hudson, turned an Hermes bag from a status symbol, to a pivotal character throughout the film. The bold red crocodile Kelly bag featured gold hardware, and became an imperative factor in Hudson’s role. Due to the obvious expense of using this bag as a prop, it even had a stunt double – an identical knockoff to be used any time that the original piece had to get banged up. Inspired by the films’ iconic red Kelly is our very own Hermes Rouge Casque.

            The Hermes bag used in Blue Jasmine exceeded the cost of the film’s entire costume budget. The luxurious tan Birkin that Cate Blanchett advertised throughout the movie was actually borrowed from costume designer Suzy Benzinger’s personal wardrobe. Regardless of the physical price of the bag, Blanchett explained that they preferred to borrow rather than buy simply due to the excessive wait-list; “The waiting list for those bags is decades. You’re in wheelchairs before they arrive.” Similar to Blanchett’s beautiful Birkin is the Hermes Etoupe with Gold Hardware.

            As if the exclusivity of these pieces isn’t fascinating enough as it is, seeing the iconic name displayed in popular movies increases the ‘untouchable aura’ that everyone so desperately aspires to obtain.

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