If you’re an Hermes lover (and to be honest, who isn’t?), you know that there’s nothing more magical than walking through the front doors of an Hermes store. Nothing can compare to that first whiff of delicious H fragrances, running your hands through the perfectly crafted silk scarves, all while surrounded by classic white flowers.

One of the first and most iconic store locations is of course, in Paris. The Hermes flagship store on the Rue De Sèvres is nothing short of breathtaking. The unique wooden cocoons showcase home furnishings such as tableware and ceramics. This location also features an iconic fragrance counter, providing its customers with a full range of dreamy Hermes scents.

While in Paris, it’s only appropriate to visit as many Hermes locations as possible. With that, we will venture to Avenue George V of Paris, France. The stores exterior is much more rustic than the Rue De Sèvres, creating an entirely different experience. Most shopping trips are sure to end with a celebratory meal, which is done best at the L’Orangerie restaurant (located at 31 Avenue George V). Take it from us, you’ll leave your mid-afternoon lunch feeling like royalty!

If you’re looking for a quaint boutique-styled store, the Porto Cervo location (in Italy) will be forever calling your name. Hermes of Porto Cervo showcases vibrantly colored pieces both inside and outside the store (yep, their outdoor garden is straight out of a fairytale book). Fill your day with the aroma sweet flowers and Hermes, and spend your night at the fabulous Hotel Pitrizza (located in Costa Smeralda, Porto Cervo).

While Italy and France are undoubtedly iconic, Hermes of Munich, Germany puts up a good fight. This three-story location is a recent launch for Hermes, and features all 16 product lines in store. The stores French architecture intertwines themes from the Rue De Sèvres, such as impeccable wood-work along the staircases. Speaking of architecture, RDAI is to thank for being the impeccable design firm for all Hermes stores – and a special thanks and remembrance to Rena Dumas, RDAI founder and wife of the beloved Jean Louis Dumas.

While the architecture of Hermes never disappoints, an update is needed every once in a while. The London store on New Bond Street underwent a renovation back in 2015 and it’s now back and more fabulous than ever! The remodel resulted in the addition of a women’s second floor, thus dedicating the ground floor entirely to menswear, scarves, and accessories. Walking through the front doors invites you into a glamorous 20th century world with high ceilings, wooden paneling, marble floors, and a sweeping staircase (MenMag).

Hermes of Chicago, Illinois.
Image Source: Jenel Management

A little closer to home for us lies Hermes of Chicago. This two-story location opened in 2010, and currently shares building occupancy with other luxury brands such as Vera Wang and Giorgio Armani. RDAI took excellent advantage of Chicago’s architectural history by including old city photos such as the historic Walgreens on State Street. While exploring the store, you’ll find the women’s shoe salon pverlooking Rush Street, which is prime for eating, people-watching, and of course, shopping. Grab a bite to eat after your excursion at Freds (in Barneys) across the street – not only is there delicious food, but optimal potential for Birkin-spotting!

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