A little touch of Hermès can turn a house, into a home. Not only is the brand iconic for its bags and accessories, but Hermès is also a prominent name in the world of luxury homes and décor. Few things are better than spending your nights snuggled up on the couch with your favorite H blanket, and admiring magnificent walls of orange!

The Avalon Throw: a must-have in an Hermès-inspired home. This throw is 90% merino wool and 10% cashmere, creating the perfect blend of warmth and comfort. Drape this piece over your favorite chair, or keep it at the foot of your bed for chilly nights! Staying with the Avalon theme, the small model pillow (20” x 20”) is an ideal pair to the blanket.

In the market for some new décor for your fabulous walls? Perhaps one of the most luxurious DIY’s yet turns your beloved Hermès scarves into true works of art. This trend is both inspiring and innovative, as you’ll get constant eye-candy out of your favorite pieces year-round!

Turn your house into a home with Hermès.

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