Every year as we get closer to September, we are asked to prepare our children for their return to school. Typically a list comes home requesting essential items like pencils, markers, paper, and folders. Getting organized can be stressful and time consuming. The same concept hold true as we try to reorganize and assess our own fall wardrobes.

The Hermes Jumping Boot
The Hermes Jumping Boot

In August, stores are flooded with large shipments of merchandise for the busiest retail season of the year. With an abundance of new inventory this means more choices and harder decisions for you to make. If there were such a thing as a Back to Hermes supply list, which practical items would you include on it? What would you suggest to others who are in need of a list?

Since we’re all looking forward to our purchases, I wanted to celebrate this discussion as my debut thread post on BopTalk! JOIN ME ON BOPTALK TO VIEW AND CONTRIBUTE TO MY BACK TO SCHOOL LIST!

Post your Back to Hermes supply list on my BopTalk thread and make sure to hashtag any photos #backtohermesschool – Your Instagram photos will be shared on my next blog post!


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