April showers bring May flowers; and… Hermes! Celebrities have been seen strutting their most iconic spring pieces, giving fans some amazing inspiration. Victoria Beckham took ‘pretty in pink’ to the extreme while pairing her ostrich Birkin with a bold fuchsia dress. Kim Kardashian can’t go anywhere without having her picture snapped, which comes in handy for those searching for fashion inspo! She paired a comfy casual maxi dress with a staple black Birkin – perfect for summer morning coffee runs! Jennifer Lopez also uses her black birkin as a go-to piece, recently spotted with the bag in hand post-workout.

Last but certainly not least is “Mad Men’s” January Jones rocking an Hermes belt with a relaxed look. This outfit screams summer-chic! If you’re ever feeling lost with your wardrobe, you can always count on celebs to guide you in a simple yet luxurious direction! Shop these pieces and many more now, only with The Birkin Fairy.

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