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It’s always Birkin bag, Birkin bag, Birkin bag all the time. But what about the other pieces from Hermes’ collection?

Often looked over, but unfairly so– is Jordana’s over sized crossbody purse by the luxury French label known as ‘The Evelyn III.’

This stylish hobo conveniently keeps your hands free, which in the case of Jordana– keeps one hand on the Starbucks cup and the other pushing her baby cart.

The ‘Evelyn’ is roomy enough to carry around an extra nappy, water bottle, and perhaps even some other mommy essentials while still looking sleek and stylish.

But we wouldn’t expect anything less from Hermes, now would we?

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  1. I LOVE my Evelyn, even though The Fairy wasn’t there to sell it to me 🙂 It’s rouge Garrance and I carry it constantly.

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