With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the pressure of finding a gift for that special someone is at an all time high. The quest for the perfect present is a stressful task any time of the year, but is intensified throughout the love-filled month of February. So what is the perfect gift? An Hermès Birkin bag may be just the answer you were looking for. With the value of these luxury bags constantly transcending, it truly is an unjustifiably elegant item that will become a timeless asset to any wardrobe. In correlation with the holiday’s undying token of love, a rose, this Hèrmes’ Rose Jaipur Birkin bag is the ultimate gift this Valentines Day season. Shown in a new and rich color, paired with palladium hardware, this bag will provide the perfect pop to any outfit. A Birkin is far more than any ordinary bag; it is an investment, and the perfect gift for that special someone!

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Photography: Hallie Duesenberg

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