If fixing up your home with an Hermès hammer, with Hermès nails and an Hermès screwdriver has always been a dream — we’re pleased to introduce Petit H, the workwear collection from Hermès that might just change the way you think about the meaning of DIY.
Including everything from a Hermès tape measure to a compass and hook, the collection is an ode to the craftsmanship that builds (literally) the foundation of the French heritage brand.
Meant to be used however you please — from a complete home renovation to patching up everyday items — the objets are inspired by the Hermès way of life, including storage stools that close like an iconic Kelly bag.
Showcasing the array of products via a dedicated Hermès hardware store called La Quincaillerie in Paris (staged in collaboration with designers Stefania Di Petrillo and Godefroy de Virieu) the products have come into a life of their own — less like tools you’d find in a garage and more like works of art.
Complete with the supple materials known and loved from the Hermès stable, including leathers and rich woods, each of the items exudes craftsmanship and attention to detail, all hallmarks we’ve come to love from Hermès objets.
Available at the Paris boutique (for now), the workwear-themed store is high on our bucket list for 2018.
Is it just us, or are you really ready to fix up that broken shelf, too? Hermès workwear? We’re sold.
– Reposted via Vogue.com.au

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