With pressure to be the best, dressing the best is an obvious must. Celebs are constantly finding themselves in the spotlight, which leads to a never-ending need for statement pieces. And, what better brand to make a statement with than Hermes? The opulence of Hermes is seamlessly executed by the A-listers who rock it.

Victoria Beckham – a prominent figure in the world of Hermes fashion. Former spice girl continues to impress with her rumored $2 million collection, which makes her an easy Hall-of-Famer on our list! From Birkins and Kellys, to crocs and suedes, Beckham has everything in between.

Jennifer Lopez never fails to excel, either. The popstar has made Hermes a notable part of her wardrobe since the early 2000’s, with one of her most exquisite pieces being her vibrant Crocodile Birkin.

Heidi Klum – if her name doesn’t scream luxury, her wardrobe certainly will. The infamous model is a loyal Hermes lover, and has the collection to prove it. One of her most iconic looks was her head to toe green outfit, which surely had all of us feeling a bit lucky!

Sticking with the theme of models, Alessandra Ambrosio has proven herself to be an Hermes expert. The VS model frequently perfects her street style with the addition of Hermes, making her a staple for the luxury brand.

Last but certainly not least on our list is Kim Kardashian. While the whole Kardashian family is undoubtedly Hermes-obsessed, Kim may take the cake. Being married to Kanye West surely has an endless list of perks, but the HAC bag that he customized for her is first in our eyes. Don’t worry, if Kim isn’t in the mood for customization, she has plenty of other options.

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