Have you ever felt a mother-like intuition over a new bag, making it almost nerve-wracking to bring out in public? We like to call that the honeymoon phase – where your beloved new piece looks so gorgeous in its box that you want to keep it safe there forever. While we’re all guilty of this initial obsession, it’d be a shame to keep your prized possessions in hiding for too long. These tricks will make you confident that you’re keeping your bags in mint condition while also flaunting them for the world to see!

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With fabulous summer style also comes a heightened possibility of leather damage, so always choose a bag that’s appropriate for the weather. For example, opt for canvas while in direct sun – such as trips to the beach or long days out on the town. A great sun-friendly summer piece is the Garden Party of Bourlingue.

During the cooler months (when the weather is eternally unpredictable), leather is your best friend, and suede is your enemy. Always choose a more durable thicker leather that’s easy to wipe with a soft dry cloth. Some rainy-day options would be a Black Epsom Kelly, Vache Ligee Birkin, or Togo Birkin. When you’re not putting these beauties to use, properly stuff them to keep the same iconic Hermes shape (pro tip: use the bubble wrap provided with any of your Amazon purchases). Once you finally let your bag out of hiding, try not to get too carried away. Using the same bag daily can eventually lead to signs of wear, so treat your bags like a good pair of shoes and rotate your collection frequently!

Bag inserts can be a life saver for your favorite pieces. Forget digging through a Mary Poppins sized purse – because not only do inserts help keep the shape of your bag intact, but they also keep your belongings organized! Careful not to throw everything in there as some items can be extremely damaging such as pens (ink), food, drinks, etc. While you may be keeping your bag clean and safely stored, storage can turn out to be more damaging than people realize. Airing your pieces out is an important job you picked up when becoming a luxury bag-owner. Tight spaces in closets don’t allow for optimal air circulation and (almost) always have some type of smell – whether it be from perfume, air fresheners or pets. Giving your pieces some space to breathe will keep them looking and smelling fresh!

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Aside from these DIY tricks, treating your side-kick to a much-deserved spa trip is always a safe way to get your bag looking like new. Utilize the Hermes spa and send your bags in about every five years (depending on the amount of use/wear). Delicate and smooth skins will require more care as they are more prone to cracking if not conditioned/nourished properly.

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