The Birkin Fairy has recently had the pleasure of working with Orange County personal fashion stylist, Sophie Mae. Sophie is a passionate advisor who incorporates her love for fashion with her clients. She inspires those she works with to redefine their limits of style, as she catches emerging trends from New York and Los Angeles and introduces them to the OC. Read more about Sophie and her unique educational approach to styling with our exciting interview below…

When/how did you first submerge yourself into the fashion industry? I have been fashion obsessed for as long as I can remember. I had a four year internship with Teen Vogue magazine right after high school, so that was my first real position in the fashion industry. From there I worked a series of retail jobs with companies such as Barney’s New York, J.Crew and Nordstrom. 

What sets you apart from other stylists? Do you have any unique tips for your clients? My approach to styling is unique because I truly believe that there are no real rules when it comes to dressing. I never want to put any of my clients in a box and limit the way they can dress, so I always get to know my clients really well before shopping with or for them. My #1 tip for my clients is to dress the body you have now, not the body 5 or 10lbs from now. People tend to wait until they look a certain way to begin dressing well. I think that’s such a shame! 

Throughout your career, how has fashion styling changed? – There is a lot that has changed over the years. When I first started, everyone thought that fashion stylists were a luxury that only the rich and famous could afford. Ground breakers like Rachel Zoe really paved the way for stylists because she was able to educate the masses on what a stylist does. Now, everyday men and women can experience the benefit of a stylist and learn how to look and feel great without spending a lot of money. 

What style trends are you seeing right now in SoCal? Orange County typically follows what what’s happening in LA, so sometimes it takes a bit of time to see the emerging trends in South County. My job as a stylist is to scout the trends coming from Los Angeles and New York and introduce them to my clients. Because SoCal is a beach town at heart, locals are often caught dressing pretty casual. However, I think we are seeing more and more people dress up on a daily basis, which is really fun to see!

What are the most common concerns your clients have when choosing a handbag? I would definitely say that they want something that will stand the test of time. If they are going to splurge on a handbag, they want to be able to wear it forever and still feel current and stylish.

What are your “must haves” this spring? If you could pick any Hermes piece to have for the spring, what would it be? This spring, I’m really into dressing up my casual looks with an amazing bag or pair of shoes. I love the idea of the classic Birkin bag with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a simple t-shirt. There’s something so modern about mixing the new with the classic!

Photo: Chictopia

If you could shop in any Hermes store in the world, which location would we find you in? Paris!

On a typical day, what would we find in your handbag? My two cell phones (don’t ask), my hot spot, my many Chanel lipsticks and my keys.

What is the most common advice you give to your clients? Besides to dress the body you have now, just to not limit yourself to a certain “style”. You are not “classic/boho/minialist/etc.” you are you and your style should be constantly evolving. That and not to be scared to try new things!

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