After word got out that I had left Hermes, one of my clients approached me to sell this gorgeous set of four Victoria luggage pieces. Although I was not the original sales person that helped her with the purchase, I felt I had a personal connection to them since they were still being produced in the early millennium when I joined Hermes. I selected to host this particular set not only for their heritage and beauty, but also for their unique story.

Being The Birkin Fairy has allowed me the privilege of listening to numerous amazing stories from my clients over the years. During our conversation, I asked my client what attracted her to these four bags and why she decided to make the investment. To my surprise, she told me that it wasn’t necessarily for their utility.

I made the purchase because I knew that they would be the “perfect companions to the life I was dreaming of.”

The life she was dreaming of took place in Africa and it eventually lead her to other destinations in Europe over the next seven years. Like Robert Redford’s character in Out of Africa, she met a handsome British gentleman that became her companion during that time. It wasn’t out of expectation, but out of desire that these bags truly came to life in Kenya.

Her story is a great reminder that our objects should be chosen for their purpose, not just for their practicality, but also for the vision of where you want to be.

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