Floyd Mayweather strikes again…and we’re not referring to boxing. The 39-year-old retired boxer recently dropped an outrageous $400,000 in Hermes of Paris, France. Mayweather captured this moment on Instagram while saying,

“Went bag shopping at Hermes in Paris, France today. I treated                               myself to one size 55 Hermes Hac crocodile men travel bag and 3 size 50 Hermes Hac crocodile men travel bags and bought @melissiarene a 40 orange crocodile Birkin. Over $400,000 spent in Hermes cause I stay in my lane—.”

Mayweathers’ “lane”, and apparent bag budget, just so happens to be more than the average home, car, or vacation. Shockingly enough, this isn’t the first time that the former boxer has been known to spend an excessive amount of money in one place. Mayweather has also been reported to spontaneously spend over $500,000 on a car for his girlfriend, and has a watch collection worth nearly $6.4 million.

Through his recent purchases, it appears that the former boxer is very invested in the crocodile pieces that Hermes has to offer. In spirit of the coveted style, our new Hermes Beton Matte Alligator Bearn Wallet is the perfect item to have to showcase the timeless brand.

Hermes is just one of the luxury brands that Mayweather submerges himself in, and he proudly flaunts his wealth through that exclusivity. He sure doesn’t call himself “Money Mayweather” for nothing!

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