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With both Valentine’s Day and the Chinese New Year coming next week, February is the
official month of red!


2018’s Chinese New Year is of the Dog, which serves as a great inspiration for New Year’s fashion. Anna Sui, luxury fashion brand, took advantage of this trend through a collaboration with McDonalds, which is a promotional menu inside of red, dog-covered envelopes. According to Jing Daily, McDonald’s USA said that with the collaboration they wanted to “recognize and reach Asian Americans in a culturally relevant way, so they decided to work with Asian-American designer Anna Sui to create something special and keepsake worthy. Additionally, McDonald’s knows that the beginning of the year is a time when many people realign their personal goals and finances, so the lightly-branded envelopes have well wishes for the new year printed on the rear flap that allude to keeping value top-of-mind.”


Image Source: Jing Daily

This collaborative promotion has been executed with the goal of brightening ones New Year through good wishes and of course, red! During the red-filled month of February, the vibrant color is said to bring luck and love. Wrap yourself in both luck and luxury in our Hermès Cashmere/Silk Stole. This piece is soft, lightweight, and perfect for New Year celebrations! Our Rouge Kelly Cut Clutch can serve as your own personal lucky red envelope, which will surely bring you another year of happiness and good fortune.

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