65% voted for choice A – This is the authentic Hermes lock
23% voted for choice B – This lock is not an Hermes lock
13% voted for choice C

The results are in! 1/3 of our voters, many of whom are savvy Hermes collectors and enthusiasts, were not able to identify the correct Hermes lock. It’s a surprising statistic since counterfeit bags are slipping through to reputable reseller sites and the effects are distressing. Unfortunately, lock B and its matching non-Hermes bag was sold for over $10,000!

Since the demand for these bags are at an all time high, Hermes replicas will continue to encroach into the lives of honest buyers. The easiest way to protect yourself against fraudulent merchandise is to have the item pre-evaluated before the purchase is made. Don’t roll the dice – Do your homework and make sure to get a second opinion from an expert like The Birkin Fairy (please email me to inquire).

So how exactly does The Birkin Fairy authenticate? In addition to all of the countless trainings I’ve attended and hosted as the leather specialist, I’ve had the great experience of being able to work alongside these incredible pieces for 13 years. My direct working experience allows me to utilize all of my senses confidently.

I hear a lot of resellers and authenticators talk about how they “have a multi check point process” blah blah blah official sounding chatter. This could work, but accurate authenticating goes well beyond just that. For me, the photo of lock B was so disturbing that I wouldn’t even need to continue a “check process”. The most obvious detail is that Lock B was made with very poor attention to detail and quality. You can see this in the rough edges and groves, the illegible logo, and the plug where the key should insert smoothly. Needless to say, this item would never pass Hermes quality control.

The largest piece of the puzzle, that just didn’t fit, was that Lock B was supposedly made in 2014. From my experience, Hermes handbag locks or key clochettes do not wear like this and it was even less convincing taking into consideration the year of production. For a comparison, I choose Lock A, which holds up to the Hermes standards of quality even though it was made 9 years ago in 2005.

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Four simple tips to help you authenticate:
  1. Listen to your gut instinct.
  2. Minimize your risk by doing your due diligence or using an expert authentication specialist.
  3. Make sure that all of the pieces of the puzzle fit.
  4. The longer the story – the bigger the fake!

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