The fourth of July calls for celebration across the country. This colorful holiday has become the perfect excuse for long weekends in The Hamptons, The Golden Coast, and Navy Pier. This year’s fourth of July falls on a Tuesday, which many people are calling a ‘bummer’; But to us, a Tuesday holiday means a week-long celebration filled with drinks, relaxation, and showing off some festive fashion. Struggling to find fun ways to incorporate our countries colors? Look no further – red white and blue, Hermes is for you!

There is truly no better way to dress the part than with some of our favorite vibrant pieces. Our Rouge Casque Jypsiere came out just in time for the 4th. Featured in a token red color, this bag is as memorable as celebratory fireworks! If your outfit is already going to be decked-out American Flag style, our Craie TPM Evelyne is the perfect finishing touch to your festive outfit. A celebration of any kind can’t be completed without a Birkin in hand. If you’re using the holiday as a much-needed excuse for a weekend getaway, our Navy Blue de Prusse Birkin is both festive and practical for your upcoming trip. Packing can be a nightmare if you’re dressing to impress, but having your Birkin as a travel buddy can make it easier and more stylish. Throw your essentials in this blue beauty and you’ll be set for a weekend full of cook-outs, boat rides, and fireworks!

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