Hermes is thrilled to announce its acceptance as the official saddler for the Brazilian showjumping team in the summer Olympics. While most people treasure Hermes for the infamous Birkin Bag, the timeless brands’ roots are actually tied with horse riding. Hermes was first established as a harness and saddle producer in 1837, and is proud to rekindle that originality in the upcoming games. Although the Olympics are the most renowned sporting event, it is also an opportunity to exhibit fashion and individuality. Hermes is taking advantage of this impactful publicity, and continues to pride itself in their products exclusivity.

            So what could this latest development do for the brand? As if the luxurious goods weren’t desired enough as it is, the aspiration for anything Hermes seems to be increasingly valuable. In spirit of the equestrian theme, our very own Hermes Puffer Jacket is the perfect item to have to honor the Olympic accomplishment. Broadening its name from not only the most coveted handbags, but to a public face in the Olympic games will be beneficial to sales, and to general “buzz” over the already distinguished brand.

            The unique stitch used in creating an Hermes saddle is one that can be done only by hand, and when done correctly, is stronger than any machine is capable of. Having an innate comprehension of what quality saddles are sets Hermes apart from any competition. Being fully invested in the history of the product is inevitable with the brands’ background in the growing industry. The story of Hermes is constantly being rewritten, and we can’t wait to see what the games have in store for our favorite luxury brand.

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