Authenticating Services (Coming Soon!)

There may be a time when you need unbiased third party representation to provide documentation for your personal reassurance or to include within your dispute or claim. 

Over the duration of my career, I encountered an overwhelming amount of counterfeit items from every product category. With the rapid growth of the company and brand recognition, counterfeit items have become increasingly more common and Hermes employees are no longer able to comment on authenticity. Numerous times I have witnessed the frustration of clients leaving unassisted and with questions unanswered. Hearing the personal stories of how the products were acquired and the high dollar amounts paid for replica handbags has always been heart wrenching for me. It is my goal to protect and preserve the integrity of Hermes products in the most private and confidential way.

So how can I tell if it’s real? It’s difficult to answer that question because there isn’t one simple answer. Due to the increasing popularity of the brand, I’ve witnessed fraudulent replicas that imitate every detail of an authentic Hermes product. It is only from my intimate work experience, detailed trainings and know-how that I can confidently distinguish between a real or fake product.

Utilizing my extensive product trainings, technical language, references, and resources; my services are unparalleled to other service providers.

For more information, please click on the links below:

  1. Written Statements of Authenticity (Coming Soon!)
  2. Written Statements of Non-Authenticity (Coming Soon!)