The never ending pre-summer “to do” list can be daunting. Whether it be planning a vacation, redecorating your house, or perfecting your wardrobe, it seems like there’s always something to get done, without enough time to do it. Putting together the perfect outfit is a year-round challenge, especially during those long and hot months of summer. Starting with the basics can be the most efficient way to conquer and well verse your upcoming summer look. Take the Hermes Blue de Galice Kelly Bag for example. Not only is this item the perfect size for travel, but its vibrant color will also add the necessary pop to any outfit! Paired with white jeans and your favorite loose top, this bag screams summertime.

            Spending the day on a beach is a paramount sign of summer. While it may be one of the most desired vacation spots, it can be tricky to dress for; and having the perfect bag is essential. The Hermes Cognac Ostrich Bolide Bag may be just the answer you were looking for! This 28cm item is versatile in both color, and style. It can be held as a typical purse, or with an attachable strap, can become a more beach-practical shoulder bag. The tan color works well paired with both dark and light colors, and can be easily dressed up, or down! The bags’ versatility, along with its unique texturizations make it a summer must have.

            Pops of color are always an exciting way to stand out and brighten an outfit, while a more versatile purchase is beneficial for long summer days. Although we’re certain that your to do list is seemingly eternal, finding the perfect bag for all occasions was just made lot easier! These items are just a glimpse into all of the summer essentials that we have to offer, and you can check out more options here!

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