Birkin is an iconic name in the fashion world… from bags, to silk scarves and jewelry, this luxury brand has taken the industry by a storm. While it is in fact a well-versed brand, Birkin has always been idolized for handbags, not shoes – until now! Designer Jon Buscemi has recently advertised his new line as, “obnoxiously high quality consumer products”, which is clear throughout his high-end sneaker collection. The line targets top A-Listers, which has quickly caught on to celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, John Legend, and Jennifer Lopez.

           As if his line wasn’t luxurious enough as it is, Buscemi even created a Birkin-inspired shoe, which reaps all of the same extravagant features as the infamous Birkin bag. From Italian leather, to real gold plated hardware, this shoe has it all. Buscemi was quoted to describe the unique piece as

“The sneaker equivalent to the fashion world’s Birkin bag. The demand was high and the supply was limited which resulted in huge buzz and excitement for us.”

The most expensive item in the collection is the 100MM silhouette, retailing at $132,000 (USD). This jaw-dropping design displays 175 grams of 18K gold, and 11.50cts of diamond encrusted closures.

            Pieces such as the Hermes Black Alligator Kelly Bag and Rouge Casaque Bag are staple pieces in the Hermes handbag collection, and even have similar gold hardware features that are used throughout Buscemi’s line. In an industry that never stops growing, who’s to say shoes aren’t next for this token brand?

Photos: The Birkin Fairy, Jon Buscemi

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