Have you ever wondered what the Hermès woman would do if she went on vacation? She won’t be ‘checking-in’ for the world to know where she’s letting her hair down. You also won’t see her taking over your Instagram feed with #NoFilter posts.

‘Ultramarine’, Hermès’s spring/summer collection is a visual translation of a forgotten summer promise. The promise of liberation that blows with the wind against your face, the taste of sea when you lick your lips in solitude and the child-like pleasure you feel while walking on wet sand.

Zoë Ghertner lends her arthouse vision and lens to capture

the ‘Ultramarine’ state of mind. Instilling the nostalgia of the VHS era with a home-footage treatment, the film focuses on garment details juxtaposed with the scenic view of the ocean.

Her suitcase is packed with prime pieces designed by Christophe Lemaire – a solar white coat and trousers for her walks on the beach, a shift dress in ultramarine, a bathing suit for her intimate rendezvous with the sun and sand, and a cotton poplin dress sashed at the waist, dipped in earth’s crust hue.

She looks on pensively towards the ocean with a gaze full of a summer dream…


Photo & Video: Hermes in Vogue India

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