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The 2016 Festival of Craftsmanship, a whimsical weeklong event, is currently located at the Carreau du Temple in Paris, France. This event gives its lucky guests the opportunity to watch Hermes’ most experienced craftsmen at work while learning about the skills, talent, and tradition behind the design house. The featured artists have spent months preparing and perfecting their most luxurious Hermés products, which are displayed throughout the course of the festival.

            Millions worldwide covet this exclusive event, while only the most fortunate are lucky enough to be in attendance. The Carreau du Temple is nothing short of magical – as anyone who is here knows. Guests have had opportunities to experience creative workshops, discussions, dedicated bookshops, and the organic café. These exhibits portray beautifully vibrant colors and designs, where guests witness and learn the historical craftsmanship behind the exquisite products. Additionally, there have been first-time showings of premier Hermés pieces created by Artisans representing ten métiers (experts) from the Parisian house. These designers have constructed iconic bags, saddles, gloves, ties, watches, and silk scarves; all of which have been revealed here at the Carreau du Temple.

            Many of the guests here have even said that witnessing the artists at work has justified and explained the high price tags for these luxury goods, making them even more desirable. The time and dedication behind each individual Hermes piece has a unique story, which have all been captivatingly told here in Paris.

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