Earlier this week, word had gotten out that the Hermes menswear team was arriving from Paris to set up for another historic men’s event, the launch of

The event would be staged in Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art’s MCA Warehouse. Chicago was chosen as the perfect backdrop since luxury menswear in this city is amid a huge style transformation. Once viewed as a conservative city, it is now attracting and dressing a highly influential global clientele.

On September 24th, guests entered a large raw exhibit space. Upon entry, they were greeted by a set of stairs and neon lit hangers overhead (seen previously at the Men’s Universe party in Paris). Four rooms were filled with interactive projections and installations. Included in the space was a conveyer belt fit for an airport, a wall of orange boxes embedded with video, and 3D paintings that challenge spatial illusion. Live performances included synchronized dancers on treadmills and a game show, “From The Horses Mouth”. is a whimsical site where men can shop and enjoy a game or two. Content provides tips on how to find the right pieces, which can serve as a transformative role in one’s life.

“It’s a channel which allows you to wander/flâneur in a very free way and you can be more daring. With MANifeste it’s the first time ever that a single platform gives direct access to the entirety of the Hermès men’s universe: clothes, shoes, leather goods, ties, accessories… I wanted to reach out to men with Hermès spirit and lighthearted humor. Lists are quintessential of the contemporary world, they are made for the universal language of the information age… The experience on the Internet has to be fun and different. I want men to immerse in the MANifeste and forget all about beating the clock and rushing through life.” Veronique Nichanian, Artistic Director of Hermes Menswear.

Style and fun wasn’t lacking at the event. The night winded down with a set by crowd pleaser, DJ Mike Nouveau. Seen dancing to the beats were President and CEO, Robert Chavez and a crowd of Kelly and Birkin toting women.

Editorial and Photos: The Birkin Fairy

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