Stepping into a messy closet each morning is no way to start your day. Not only is a clothing-tornado stressful to look at, but some of your favorite pieces are surely being hidden behind old shoes, boxes and jackets. De-cluttering may seem like a dreaded item on your endless to do list, but with these simple steps you’ll be finding your forgotten pieces in no time!

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Let’s start with shoes, because a cluttered shoe system is the root to many closet mishaps. While there are countless varying preferences on shoe-storage, cubbies will never fail. Not only does a cubby keep your shoes in order, but it also adds some aesthetic to your wardrobe! Store your every-day shoes at reaching distance, while keeping your seasonal and special occasion pieces near the top – this will help with both accessibility and clutter!

As with shoes, clothing is best sorted by season and occasion. Putting your go-to favorites in reaching distance will save time each morning and reduce future disorganization. A simple tip that is often overlooked is hangers. Making the switch from plastic to felt hangers is a complete life (and closet) changer! Not only do felt hangers maximize space, but they also keep your clothes from sliding off. If you have the room, hanging up your pants is certainly an under-rated closet trick. Again, this will make your closet appear fuller and more colorful, while also keeping your drawers clutter free.

Speaking of drawers, using clear drawers will motivate you to keep your pieces folded, while also allowing you to see what’s inside! This will eliminate digging through countless drawers in search of your favorite belt, scarf or pajamas. If you’re looking to keep your delicates (scarves, lingerie, etc.) smelling fresh, Hermes scented draw liners will become your new best friend. While on the topic of Hermes, a quick not to do: never write on handbag boxes or use sticky labels! As learned by many seasoned pros, labels can rip that vibrant orange color straight off the box. If you’re still hoping to organize your beloved boxes, post-it notes are a great alternative as they allow for easy removal.

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Last but not least, hooks. Yep, hooks are the current closet craze! Hanging some colorful hooks alongside your closet wall or door will add an unexpected yet practical element to your reinvented wardrobe. They can be used for just about anything – from your favorite robe or sweatshirt to your go-to summer sunhat – hooks won’t discriminate! One of the best hook-tricks is to hang accessories such as necklaces and bracelets, which will create a luxurious and high-end feel. Careful not to get too carried away – handbags should never be hung on hooks as it damages leather handles, eventually decreasing value.

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While reorganizing your closet might not be what you had in mind for the week, making these simple changes will result in an organized and clutter-free future for you and your closet! After all, your closet does hold some of your most prized possessions, so give it the love that it deserves!

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